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IX was launched in 2008 with a vision to connect the world.

At the time, Malaysia was not familiar with a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model. So IX kicked off its first market breakthrough in Singapore, and soon enough, business in Malaysia took its course.

Within just a few years, IX has expanded into a global network of more than 200 countries and territories, and is paving the way into Asia and beyond.

IX Telecom provides Global SD-WAN and Managed Internet and is proudly
connected to 300+ service providers, 265+ data centres globally, and
8 main cloud providers.

We currently have offices in Malaysia (HQ), Singapore,
Hong Kong, Indonesia, the USA, and Myanmar. Make
your mark on the global sphere today - tap into
borderless connectivity with IX.

Award-Winning Culture

IX is committed to Work-Life Practices (WLPs), an initiative aimed at looking after employee wellness and increase productivity.

Work-life balance is extremely important for the mental health and well being of our employees. As part of our mission and vision, IX aims to be a top telco with world-class employees whohave fun! The “fun” element has always been the key factor to the success of IX.

The IX company culture has received local and international recognition.


We are ISO Certified

Our team of internationally recognised experts understand the importance of reliable and consistent quality.

We have a customer-first mentality, having ISO 9001:2015 certified our systems and processes to ensure our services are top-notch and in a state of continuous improvement.

How do our customers benefit from this?

  • Consistent high-quality service
  • Reliable service level agreements
  • Minimal downtime/room for error
  • Brisk incidence reporting and troubleshooting

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