5 Reasons to Switch to Dedicated Internet Connection Today!

Timea Molnarova


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Did you know, when you purchase internet from your ISP, the internet will be shared with other users in your area? We know sharing is caring, but when it’s about your business, a shared internet connection is not an ideal solution. You can face some troubling connection issues while trying to download a large file or have a video call. With Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) you don’t need to share your internet with anyone, and the internet goes directly and only to your office. Let’s take a closer look at DIA and see how your business can benefit from it.

What is Dedicated Internet Access?
Dedicated internet access (DIA) is a dedicated internet connection that guarantees you always receive the maximum bandwidth from your purchase. When you are using a shared internet connection, you are sharing your maximum bandwidth with other people, which means the speed of your internet will fluctuate. The speed of the internet can be unpredictable during the day, and it also depends on your internet provider’s network traffic. You can avoid these issues with dedicated internet access because your office doesn’t have to share the bandwidth with anyone else. Even at rush hour, you will be able to use your internet connection’s maximum bandwidth. DIA supports your organization’s critical operations.

dedicated internet connection ixtelecom

Guaranteed bandwidth
One of the biggest benefits of Dedicated Internet Access is that the bandwidth is solely yours; you are not sharing it with anyone outside your organization. No restrictions on monthly usage, you can manage emails, host your website, and support critical applications privately.

Power and speed
The biggest advantage of a dedicated internet connection is how reliable your internet speed will be. You have the flexibility to choose the connection speed that best suits your business needs. Since your internet connection is not shared, you will get 100% performance up and down, at any point during the day.

Dedicated customer service
DIA is extremely reliable and fast. With 24/7 support and service monitoring, most technical issues can be solved even before they start. If something goes wrong, the technical support team will resolve any issues ASAP. Your service level agreement (SLA) should include technical support, average repair time, uptime speed, and so much more.

Improved network security
When you are handling sensitive data, such as the client’s personal information, cybersecurity is crucial. With Dedicated Internet Access, you are not sharing your internet connection with anyone outside your organization, which helps you strengthen your cybersecurity and eliminate the chances of network breaches.

Increased productivity
With dedicated internet access, your IT team can focus on more important projects that can help your company grow instead of focusing on day-to-day network management. Besides that, having a faster internet connection will help them do their job more efficiently.

How to know if your business needs Dedicated Internet Access
Many small and mid-size businesses can operate effectively with a shared internet connection. As long as your employees can fulfil their day-to-day tasks and it doesn’t compromise their performance, a shared internet connection can be a good choice for your business. If the lower connection causes issues for your employees, you may need to think about other solutions. When your business needs guaranteed bandwidth and speed, Dedicated Internet Connection is a good option. Businesses, who have massive incoming and outgoing data transfers (for example, banks) have a high demand for internet connection for backup servers and website operations. Having a private and secure connection is crucial for these businesses. Any business can decide to use DIA, but the most common reasons are:

dedicated internet connection ixtelecom

If your business depends on an internet connection, and you want to be sure you have a secure, fast reliable internet connectivity, DIA is the best option for you. With IX Dedicated Internet Access, you get a secure, reliable, and high-speed internet connection to connect your employees with business partners and customers from anywhere in the world. If you have more questions or would like to discuss how DIA can benefit your business, feel free to drop us a message. At IX, our experts are ready to answer all your questions and find the solution that works best for your business needs.