A loop on 5G: What impact behind this sensation?

Salma Oussous

A loop on 5G: What impact behind this sensation?
Mobile technologies have been generating a profound effect on economies and societies. Sweden hosted the first 4G LTE network launch in 2009, establishing a path for exponential wi-fi telecommunications in Europe and worldwide. Eleven years later, the telco scene has already started to upgrade its infrastructure and offerings to 5G, considering its technology. 5G networks will supply between 10 and 100 times quicker data rates with up to 10 times smaller sign response, compared to 4G networks. These capabilities will allow various technologies, namely big data and the cloud, to achieve new and transformative functions and use cases.

The importance of the 5G Network
The 5G era is taking over the world even when ongoing disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic are slowing adoption rates in the short term. While many areas have already considered initial launches, commercial 5G networks will only begin to reach a more significant scale and adoption in the upcoming years. Thanks to its upgraded capabilities compared to the past generations, 5G is marking a breakthrough in the mobile industry and is geared to enhance services and allow new enterprise models and use cases. We can expect, for instance, the introduction of smart cities, advanced robotic applications, and remote options for numerous industries.

Unraveling 5G’s promises

  • Enterprise market
  • 5G will enable various new business services, including remote monitoring and industrial applications, edge computing, and AR/VR. These capabilities will ease moving towards enterprise digitization and transformation through various ICT enablers such as cloud providers, software companies, and systems integrators.

  • Industrial advances
  • 5G is designed to accelerate industrial advances in three main ways. First, it will enable faster and greater inspections via predictive intelligence. Secondly, it will enhance the workplace environment, worker safety, and overall operational effectiveness. Last but Finally, not least, 5G will transform the industrial scene by managing the carbon footprint and bridging the digital divide.

  • Economic impact
  • Economically speaking, 5G will set a more practical era for productivity growth and enable innovative consumer services. However, for this to be achieved, an adequate regulatory and policy work-frame needs to be implemented to accelerate 5g’s rollout speed, adoption, reach, and quality and incentivize the giant required investments in next-generation networks.

    It’s vital to mention that 5G’s economic impact regarding size and nature will vary by industry and country.

  • Social impact
  • 5G’s social value is attuned to the 11 key areas corresponding to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The underlying reason goes back to the memorable contribution 5G is committed to towards better health systems, infrastructure enhancement, sustainable industrialization, and innovation. Furthermore, 5G will be a pivotal contributor to responsible consumption, sustainable smart cities, and employment promotion.

  • Let’s keep it accurate: 5G also has vulnerabilities.
  • Moving forward with 5G is packed with concrete opportunities to leverage a better user experience and efficiently create value. However, it presents limitations related to supply chains, global and regional deployment, network security, and competition loss. Migrating towards 5G could present network risks to countries resulting from relying on untrustworthy entities and their lack of involvement in interoperability efforts. Other challenges are related to infrastructure size increases and network integration with existing vulnerable networks.

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