Benefits of tapping into SD-WAN

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As applications move from the data centers to leveraging cloud connectivity, the use of traditional WAN networks has proven to be inefficient, expensive, and less reliable. SD-WAN has emerged to efficiently address these challenges. Market Watch forecasts that the SD-WAN market price will be over USD 17 billion by 2025. SD-WAN enables a centralized approach to network performance management, automation, and intelligence. It builds a virtual overlay network that enables the network engineers to remotely manage the entire network spread over wide geographical locations from a centralized dashboard. SD-WAN provides predictable user experience and is scalable according to the growing needs of enterprises. It is a no-brainer for business, which can significantly help to reduce costs by switching from their current MPLS networks to SD-WAN.

You should consider SD-WAN if:

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Key Benefits of SD-WAN Technology

Network Monitoring
Rapid digitalization has caused businesses modern networking challenges. Traditional WAN lacks end-to-end visibility of the network health and performance, which is critical for businesses to make decisions. SD-WAN provides smart real-time insight into the entire network system, by integrating the end-user experience and application performance, to help understand the network performance of mission-critical business activities. It makes it simple for network engineers to monitor and easily troubleshoot issues with devices, servers, and networks.

Network Performance
Quality of Service (QoS) is a key indicator of enterprise network performance and health. Users may find problems with application performance due to an overloaded server or network device causing bottlenecks. SD-WAN uses quality parameters such as latency, loss, and jitter to steer traffic using dynamic path selection by real-time identification of the best available path. It can also be used to pinpoint the critical business application by routing to the most reliable path, leaving the lesser priority applications on the low-quality paths.

Network Security
SD-WAN integrates VPN tunnels, IPSec, and Firewalls to segment the flow of network traffic, which enhances the level of security. The technology ensures privacy by encrypting all electronic data traveling from data centers to remote devices. A centralized dashboard provides network engineers with more visibility and control in order to centrally manage all the security features of the network. SD-WAN makes it possible to reduce the level of risk and react immediately towards it thus protecting your network against threats and data exfiltration.

SD-WAN technology projects a virtual overlay over the physical network, which enables network engineers to employ zero-touch deployment from a centralized location. With the zero-touch deployment, network configurations, policies, and security rules can be set up and pushed to all sites remotely. This also minimizes the physical time spent by specialized IT technicians at branch locations during deployment. It further eliminates human errors, resulting in more consistent network configurations across the network.

Cloud Connectivity
As major enterprises are undergoing digital transformations, traditional WAN which is not built for cloud optimization makes it more expensive and inefficient to manage the network infrastructure. SD-WAN helps to solve the main issue; cloud connectivity optimization for better application and user experience. SD-WAN solution uses dynamic and automatic path selection technology to direct traffic to the best path to achieve optimal application and UX. Besides that, branches will now have the capability to connect directly and securely to cloud resources.

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SD-WAN technology has numerous benefits and can be deeply transformative for your business. Aside from the financial industry, other sectors such as the healthcare industry can also harness the power of SD-WAN technology to replace their current network system, and provide a better customer experience to beat the competition. No matter your business environment, IX has experienced technical experts capable of intricate SD-WAN transformation. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about SD-WAN technology, get in touch with us today! We understand your business requirements and are ready to help you.