Decrypting AI-powered SD-WAN

Salma Oussous

Decrypting AI-powered SD-WAN

Legacy networks manual management is known for being overbearing, time-consuming, and heavily prone to error due to labour-intensive manual configuration performed by people. It’s human to err, this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to save the day. 

Relying on a comprehensive suite of AI software, IoT, and big data analytics automates procedures and ensures error-free and smooth operations. AI generates and uses in-real-time insights to generate patterns, make informed decisions, tackle preset and predicted future emergencies. 

An AI-powered software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is designed to intelligently and intuitively adapt to business needs and adjust to the required change. As businesses migrate to the cloud, they are faced with the challenge of dealing with exponentially growing volumes of data. Data is getting overwhelming yet remains crucial for businesses to leverage. SD-WAN paves the way for networking, security, and AI convergence to help businesses navigate big data and leverage it.

AI-Powered SD-WAN benefits:

Network agility: An average of 4 months is the duration it takes for businesses to implement changes across a network (according to ZK research) which is very slow for today’s fast-paced enterprise environment. AI-powered SD-WAN enables companies to create multiple entry points, making shifting to the network edge much more simplified and faster.

Network operation enhancement:

A major drawback in maintaining legacy networks is the long time required to identify network issues and troubleshoot. According to ZK Research,  30% of engineers dedicate at least one day a week to doing nothing but troubleshooting problems. Even more striking, more than 70% of a company’s network budget is allocated to maintaining the status quo. AI-powered SD-WAN modernizes the network and uses AI, which can significantly and reasonably reduce the previous statistics. 

Human error elimination:

The most major cause of network downtime is human error which AI-powered SD-WAN easily counters through automation and AI. Automation alone cannot completely produce error-free results since humans are still responsible for decision-making. When SD-WAN is embedded with AI, the network becomes truly self-driving and can monitor, analyze and correct with minimal human intervention. AI-powered SD-WAN enhances data processing, network understanding, and overall application performance.

Predictive intelligence: 

AI-powered SD-WAN has an advanced understanding of network rules and weak spots and, therefore, can introduce automatic changes when necessary. Furthermore, this intuitive and data-based understanding enables network problems before they happen and proceeds to adjust the issues before any damage occurs.

User experience focus: With an AI-driven SD-WAN, end-to-end user experiences can be measured and managed through automation, generated insight, and self-driving measures. This is beneficial for monitoring and managing customizable expectations of different end-users (individual and groups), locations, and even device types. In addition, this level of automation allows to leverage automated workflows and intervene with proper measures to ensure SLAs are met.

Move to AI-driven SD-WAN with IX

IX AI-powered SD-WAN solution enables highly optimized user experiences, efficiently supporting the evolving demands of enterprises in delivering high-end and world-class service. We know the need for networks to be application-aware, highly intelligent, fully automated, error-less inclined, and easily adaptable to change.

IX AI-powered SD-WAN ticks all the necessary boxes by delivering on the promise of a solution combining AI and automation. We help ensure business network simplicity, agility, performance, and reliability. We empower your IT teams, simplify distributed networking and position your business efforts ahead of your competitors.