How AI is Transforming The Business Landscape

Salma Oussous

How AI is Transforming The Business Landscape

Businesses nowadays urgently need to reduce waiting periods, which explains the rush of numerous organizations to adopt emerging technologies architectured to obtain higher performance and competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most prominent technologies, and it refers to the ability of a machine to learn from experience and implement human-like tasks while adjusting to new data and input. From a digital disruption perspective, AI could have the most innovative potential, especially machine learning tools.

Data is everywhere, in immense volumes, in various formats and is constantly and exponentially growing. With the advancement of new AI techniques, organizations can intelligently process these tremendous quantities of data and leverage the outcomes to expand their businesses into new markets and broader products and services portfolios. 

So how does AI intervene in business?

Let’s start by defining AI  in simple terms

AI is an area that relies on building software and hardware capable of executing actions that should only be done through intelligence. AI is empowered by different concepts, insights and techniques in several fields and enables devices to replicate human actions to produce the most efficient outcome and in unpredictable settings, the best-predicted outcome. 

What does AI mean to business growth?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Organizations 

During the early phases of AI, the biggest challenge was related to executing easily-rectified-by-humans yet difficult-to-express-mathematically activities. This challenge required AI tools to have the capability to derive regularities from data and gain their knowledge – this capability is called Machine Learning (ML). ML enables computer-based tools that can automatically identify patterns and trends in and out of data. Thus, AI does not only imitate human actions in decision-making but also mimics human learning. 

  • AI, an advanced Decision-Making enabler

One of the significant challenges firms faces revolves around planning decisions regarding the IT systems to consider the organizational strategic objectives. AI presents analytics tools that provide knowledge and insight on the available data to ease the decision-making process. As a result, AI can help executives make smart, in-time and predictive decisions about pricing, promoting marketing strategies, and production and distribution planning. 

  • AI Tools, Business Strategy and Consumer Experience

AI could empower machine-to-machine communication and guide innovation into industries. With its ability to execute different functions, AI became a key innovation source, smoothly advancing innovative human-machine interaction. In addition, the cognitive potential of AI delivers upgraded consumers services that enhance consumers’ experience and interaction and support businesses in developing innovative products and solutions.

IX – Your AI Ally

IX has aligned its connectivity and managed services with the new-age AI capabilities to assist your business in its smart digital transformation. AI-empowered technologies will improve your corporate strategy with predictive analytics to recognize and process consumer behavior and choose the best IT infrastructure design. 

AI’s tools like key performance indicators and image recognition will direct your efforts to adapt to future organizational conditions and IT requirements. AI is your ultimate gateway to develop decision support systems, open up to new innovation capacities and improve machine functionalities, product quality and business performance.