Moving to Action with an Outsourced NOC Provider

Salma Oussous

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In our previous blog about Network Operations Centers (NOC), we introduced the essentials and how it could benefit your business. Now let’s walk through how to choose the right NOC provider that will put your mind at ease and take your business to the next level. Entrusting an outsourced provider with your network’s 24×7 needs ranging from monitoring, maintenance, support, and troubleshooting is no simple task. It takes a profound assessment and vetting different NOC providers before taking the big step of settling for one. In this blog, we will provide you with a succinct guide on how to move to action with an outsourced NOC Provider.

How does Outsourced Monitoring beat In-House Monitoring?

  • Less network downtime: Remote NOC experts make sure to detect anomalies before they cause outages to your system offering your less downtime.
  • Immediate intervention: In case of an outage, it is immediately tackled, and continuously eyed around the clock.
  • Optimized operations cost: You will enjoy an optimization of costs concerning time, resources, and people.
  • Focus on core business: Handing over network monitoring to remote experts gives your business freedom to focus on more mission-critical operations and efficiently achieve growth targets.
  • Minimal nuisance alerts: An experienced NOC team will decrease the nuisance alerts which distract your staff today.
  • Fresher perspective: Leverage the expertise and experience of NOC engineers that keep an eye on your network 24×7 and get to develop innovative perspectives on your business.

What to Look For in an Outsourced NOC Services Provider
Your business needs and challenges are unique, that is why your outsourced NOC partner has to offer a wide range of customized options that meet your specific expectations. Here is a list of criteria to look out for in an Outsourced NOC provider:

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Questions to ask your Outsourced NOC Services
Settling for a NOC services provider is definitely a huge decision that could make or break your business. Therefore, being targeted in your inquiries is essential in assessing a Managed Services Provider credentials and ensuring their capabilities in delivering adequate services to your business. Below are four key questions to address to a potential NOC provider:
1. How experienced is the NOC provider with my own network infrastructure?
It might be tempting to opt for the lowest price but it would cost you adequacy and efficiency. Make sure to look for a NOC provider with a proven track record of working with compatible applications and infrastructure as your existing network.
2. Is the NOC provider capable of scaling my business?
Regardless of your business size, both small and larger businesses require a well resourced and skilled NOC Provider deploying the latest technologies to provide operation responsiveness and keep your business running smoothly without incidents.
3. What is the NOC provider average diagnosis and response time?
The NOC provider should demonstrate its ability to restore service within a reasonable and well-defined period of time not to put your business at risk. Having an automated NOC platform as opposed to a manual one will significantly shorten the incident investigation and remediation process.
4. How is the NOC’s customer satisfaction performance like?
It is paramount that the NOC provides exceptional and dedicated service to your customers. Obtaining customer satisfaction reviews and evaluating end-users and partners ratings might help you gain more confidence in the NOC technicians and ease your choice.

IX NOC is your best bet!
You have assessed your network’s need for proactive 24×7 monitoring and realized that outsourcing to a NOC provider is the next best move for you. IX Telecom’s NOC As-A-Service provides all clients access to a 24×7 monitoring manned by a team of trained expert engineers. Our team delivers accurate and effective IT operations monitoring, recording, processing, and remediating of end-user service requests. Our NOC works hard at scaling your business and avoiding your time and cost losses. We continue operating at optimal capacity even during the current health crisis. Reach out to us on how to keep your business afloat amidst the covid19 pandemic.