Network Performance For Logistics By SD-WAN

Suresh Kumar Vijayen

Network Performance for Logistics by SD-WAN

Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks, or SD-WAN, are often considered the key to digital transformation, particularly in the logistics sector, which requires better efficiency and agility in network performance. Furthermore, adapting to customer demands has made it necessary to embrace advanced digital practices and products to meet those needs, whereby logistics industries are prime examples of this. 

One of the well-known trends currently, cloud adoption or cloud-based applications, cannot be supported efficiently with traditional WAN infrastructure, which requires a highly extended bandwidth and connection to achieve the desired network performance. In the context of logistics, companies must always be connected to communicate with customers and provide their services efficiently and effectively regardless of how remote the location is. Also, they must have an uninterrupted network. As a result, an increasing number of logistic companies are opting for SD-WAN. Here are some ways in which SD-WAN provides a more significant network performance:

Unified and holistic network performance overview

SD-WAN as a holistic solution possesses the key to achieving peak network performance which processes data and generates actionable insights quickly to drive meaningful improvements in business and their customer’s quality of service. Moreover, with the ability to view network performance immediately, optimal network performance can be maintained at all times by utilizing the SD-WAN capabilities via a centralized network monitoring dashboard that considers the entire network performance.

Interoperability and multi-cloud support

For logistics companies or any business considering cloud migration, interoperability is one of the most crucial factors. The logistic companies may have different needs and network architectures such as Private and public connections. The SD-WAN solution that works over a broad range of infrastructure is essential to achieve performance management. Referring to SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, virtualized, hybrid, and private architectures, now companies can combine the infrastructure with SD-WAN seamlessly and improve network performance by configuring the best fit for their specific needs and business model.

Efficient Routing of Traffic

SLAs are necessary for the network and applications to function accordingly. For instance, Voice or video traffic is always routed on the low latency and low packet loss traffic at all times. With SD-WAN, these network performances can be monitored such as Latency, Jitter, packet loss, and traffic can be routed according to SLAs. Additionally, it can increase the capacity of high-priority traffic by rerouting packets through best-performing links.

Automation and Intelligence

SD-WAN solution is easy to use as it is equipped with automation capabilities to support network performance by probing into each network link to monitor its performance. The SD-WANs also have built-in intelligence and an ideal management solution. For instance, network congestion can be identified and alleviated by automating and executing traffic analytics in real time.