Operational Efficiency with Managed Equipment Services

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Robust network infrastructure is a major driving factor for the productivity, efficiency, and reputation of any business. If you own a Micro, Small or Medium enterprise, one of the common challenges is lack of dedicated in-house IT resources. Operating an in-house IT team can be expensive, thus burdening your budget. Additionally, if you have not yet invested in reliable network infrastructure, you risk negative impacts on your user experience, which will impact both your customers and employee duties. It may even lead to security breaches, which can have detrimental effects on your brand. Companies around the world are leveraging managed services to overcome the odds. The managed services market is rapidly developing worldwide, which will grow by a CAGR of 8.1% to reach USD 329.1 billion by 2025. Taking on board managed equipment services is a no-brainer for businesses, because of its outstanding operational efficiency and predictable performance. 46% of organizations reduced their annual budget by 25% by adopting managed services for their IT needs. Understanding the fundamentals of network infrastructure requirements is an important step in the right direction.

Network Structure

managed equipment services ixtelecom

Key Components of Network Infrastructure.

Managed Router
router is a crucial device in the network infrastructure which connects computers and other devices to the internet. It connects multiple WAN and LAN networks and manages the traffic within these networks. A router can control the traffic by assessing the fastest available path between devices, and forward packets using an IP address from one network to another. It allows your remote teams to increase productivity by fast and secure access to business applications, customer information and improves response time to customers. Organizations can improve their operational efficiency and free up their in-house IT resources by leveraging on outsourced managed router services, which typically includes a full suite of provisioning, configuration, and monitoring.

Managed Switch
switch centralizes communication between several connected devices in a local area network. It connects PCs, servers, printers, access points, phones, IoT devices and other hardware. It uses data packets to allow access to information between devices in an efficient and highly secure way. The network switches in a LAN using ethernet helps to determine where to send a particular message by looking at the physical device address. Organizations can greatly benefit from outsourced managed switch services. Managed switches help to improve the quality of service as it can be customized to allow more control, flexibility, and security.

Managed Server
server is a powerful device that stores shareable data over a network and responds to specific information requests from the client computers. It provides optimal network security by creating prominent individual and group accounts that allow assigning of specific rights for accessing the type of data. A server is a key component of network operations and infrastructure, and server downtimes can have negative impacts on the productivity and revenue of your organization. A quality server hardware helps to neutralize this issue by supporting it with redundant hardware for critical devices. Managed servers can help organizations with the required level of expertise and efficiency for server maintenance and ensuring maximum uptime.

Managed Firewall
With the rising number of cybercrimes across the globe, cybersecurity is becoming crucial for organizations. Over 94% of malware attacks are carried out through emails, which have cost companies an average of USD 3.92 million in 2019. But the good news is they can be prevented with a firewall that monitors the flow of the data between the internet, server, and computer, ensuring that a potentially harmful activity is blocked to protect from data breaches. Most of us have witnessed a very common issue arise when certain downloads are blocked and require the system administrator to grant access to follow security standards. It can be a difficult task for companies that lack enough IT resources to properly manage the firewall, which may cause workflow errors and frustration to the end-user. Managing a firewall requires a high degree of expertise and intense vigilance. Outsourcing for managed firewall services can help businesses free up resources, cut-down expenses, access 24/7 monitoring, and protect from all types of threats.

Managed Access Point
An access point is a wireless network that enables the customers, guests, and residents to connect to the internet. Unlike an ordinary wireless router, Access Points can support hundreds of devices in large locations that require wireless coverage like offices, hotels, universities, and conference halls. The access points are set-up throughout the different locations of a building, which ensures each part of the location can access to the internet. Scalability is the biggest advantage of access points since it is easy to add wifi extenders to those parts of the building where users have issues with poor connections. Outsourcing for managed access point solutions can help reduce costs since an internet provider can set up, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot all issues, eliminating the need for an in-house IT department.

IX Value Added Services

managed equipment services ixtelecom

How can IX help?
To meet the ever-growing needs of your organization, investing in managed equipment services can be a game-changer. Partnering with IX can help your business reduce operational risks and financial costs. Our experts monitor all networks 24/7/365 to ensure optimal performance. IX allows you to focus on the key aspects of your business as we take care of all your network equipment installation, provisioning, staff training, asset management, maintenance, helpdesk, and replacement. For a better experience, we recommend coupling our managed equipment services with our additional value-added services ranging from network operations centre (NOC), professional services, and technical support. For over a decade we have provided tailor-made solutions to improve the operational efficiency of major players from different industries. Reach out to us today. Together, we will take your business to new heights.