The Future of NOC

Salma Oussous

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Network operations center (NOC) has been traditionally viewed as a support function to businesses that rely on it in avoiding critical disruptions and subsequent time and revenue losses. Its ability to ensure a smooth network functioning and minimize outages has won it the title of a network curator. However, being faced with evolving market dynamics is putting NOCs in an upgrade track from being a mere troubleshooter to becoming a key enabler for business transformation. The underlying challenge is now presented to providers that are bound by creating a transformation roadmap revisiting their priorities to successfully meet the new market demand.

NOC of Tomorrow’s Characteristics
The change is happening, and networks should be constantly optimized to support a range of applications with varying services requirements. This shift is particularly taking place with the introduction of 5G and the evolving dominance of cloud services transforming the network. It is time to think strategically and adapt to the next generation of business priorities. As they face a new generation of challenges, NOC managers are called to examine upcoming business needs, grasp the implementation effort but remain ambitious in defining their company’s goals. The transformation initiative efforts should cater to market competitiveness. NOC managers should consider strategic upgrades to each IT component. This new integrated NOC is characterized by:

noc services ixtelecom

Fully Automated
Next Generation NOCs are expected to operate on fully targeted and controlled automation based on pattern mining algorithms in order to increase error-free manoeuvers and reduce down-time. The Network Operations Center automation eases the workflow and boosts the problem-solving process as it frees time for engineers to handle more strategic and critical tasks away from the repetitive daily routine. It also enables the tackling of network events during off-hours resulting in refined and more efficient user experience.

Proactive and Adaptive
A future NOC out-dates the typically reactive set-up of merely identifying and responding to events after a problem occurs and impacts end-users experience but rather attempts to predict and uncover issues prior to their occurrence. NOC platforms should also offer more flexible and customizable functionalities.

Network Security Inclusive
Next-generation NOC is convinced that network security is a component to no longer overlook. It is becoming more evident how emphasizing on cybersecurity enhances better decision making and situational awareness. It provides a more holistic and comprehensive infrastructure for the IT system. Assessing and incorporating the security metric into NOC will allow more effective monitoring and service recovery in a growingly complex environment.

Availability and Performance Focused
The classical NOC has majorly focused on network availability and integrity of IT systems. As organizations’ priorities and technical applications are evolving, the new wave of NOCs puts an equal emphasis on performance as per its vitality to swift NOC operations roll-out.

Customer-aware and Centered
Finally, the up-coming NOC design will reposition the centricity from networks to customers as it puts diverse customers’ visions and intentions at the forefront. Beyond the technical aspect of keeping networks running smoothly lies a need to assess where businesses are headed to and how to anticipate and plan ahead this transformation.

An able Workforce to Lead the Change
Solely relying on upgrading technology is only focusing on half of the equation. NOC engineers are the enablers of the transformation and special attention should be given to boosting their technical knowledge and performance in line with new technologies. Both engineers, as well as management, need to adapt to the transformative initiatives taking over the NOC world. Managers should enable and encourage technicians to take cross-functional roles and develop new skills or hire new talents. What is key, though, is implementing a cross-teams mentoring approach to benefit not only the NOC but other departments to which the technology is also relevant.

IX NOC is Future Proof! 
It is important to keep in mind that the scale of the transformation needed will depend on each and every organization and that there is no single approach. The key is for the NOC to keep its vision and goals ambitious. Network Operations Center roadmap should be phased and inclusive of concrete and measurable initiatives allowing it to move up the maturity curve at each stage. At IX Telecom, we are convinced that NOC transformation is a journey and not a destination as we constantly evolve along the way. We thrive to deliver the best Network Operations Center services your business requires and deserves while regularly evaluating and adjusting our methods to remain relevant to competitive technology and increasing business needs. IX transformative NOC is mindful of the world’s current and future health situation and a 100% “new normal” proof.