The World of Network Operations Center

Salma Oussous

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What you should know about NOC
A network operations center, better known as NOC (pronounced “knock”) is a centralized location where IT Technical Experts can provide 24-hour supervision to help monitor IT services, databases, firewalls, networks and external services that the company supports. Technically, NOC can be compared to a company’s central nervous system. Security-wise, NOC is the first line of defense countering any disruption a company’s telecommunication networks may face. The benefits are numerous, enabling lots of companies and enterprises to run smooth communications internally and externally. So what does NOC have in store for companies and how to leverage it?

What to expect
NOC provides a comprehensive set of services dedicated to business needs. The Network Operations Center architecture enables it to tackle:

ixtelecom noc

How can NOC nudge your business up?
NOC functions ensure your business to:

  • Continuously monitor a wide variety of information and network systems that include communications circuits, cloud resources, LAN/WAN systems, routers, switches, firewalls, and VoIP systems and application delivery.
  • Assess, identify and prioritize incidents based on business requirements, organizational policies and operational urgency.
  • Provide timely responses to disruptions and other issues.
  • Categorize and escalate issues to appropriate levels of technical teams.
  • Update customers and third-party service providers of current issues and intervention status.
  • Collect and review performance reports for various systems.
  • Enable technical teams’ future outages prediction.
  • Carry on basic systems and operational testings (i.e patches installation, script execution, network connectivity testing).
  • Perform 24×7 with the support of multiple technical teams and high uptime requirements.

NOC vs. Help Desk
There is a common confusion between NOC and Help Desk and it is essential to remember the following: a Network Operations Center is a lot of things and being a help desk isn’t one of them. The major point of distinction between them is pretty simple. A help desk interacts with end-clients; NOC, on the other hand, interacts with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). NOC treats MSP’s back end maintenance, support, and problem resolution issues as they arise to ensure client uptime. The help desk, however, is a call center directly addressing end-clients active issues reporting. In simple words, if an end-user faces an issue, they can call the help desk and if the MSP is facing an issue, they’ll reach out to the NOC.

Trust IX NOC with handling your business
At IX Telecom, NOC engineers are dedicated to supervising and network troubleshooting without breaks, so disruption is out of the menu. IX NOC is equipped with cutting-edge monitoring technology aiding our engineers with scalable services ensuring the quickest problem detection, diagnosis, and remediation for an optimal network uptime. IX NOC also provides network managers with timely detailed network infrastructure reports to enabling them to continuously check-ups on the network hardware and software’s health. Regardless of your industry, be it telco, retail, finance, healthcare, or any other, our night owls keep systems running 24/7 and 365 days a year with zero network shutdowns.