Why Should You Move to a Managed Service Provider

Salma Oussous

Why Should You Move to a Managed Service Provider

Managed Services are becoming increasingly popular with the multiple benefits sought from outsourcing and automation. Daily, IT firms are being burdened with complex problems requiring prompt and efficient intervention. To elevate the challenges weighing on companies’  IT departments, deriving them from focusing on their core business and preventing growth. Managed Service Providers are emerging as efficient and cost-effective support solutions. MPSs act as real business partners tackling IT hold-backs and ensuring smooth operations. 

Let’s brush through some common IT challenges.

Information Technology is indispensable for any modern business. Colossal budgets are annually invested in keeping up with the latest trends and to avoid falling behind emerging technologies around the corner. However, managing IT technologies and driving corporate initiatives is a great responsibility and often a burden that many firms have neither the expertise nor the time to keep up with. As a result, IT teams around the world face enormous and diverse challenges, of which:

  • IT is essential to delivering business operations: Businesses are dependent on IT to perform basic functions and drive common business initiatives.
  • IT is in constant evolution: IT is literally where businesses should never get acquainted with one single technology. Therefore, adaptability is vital as the scene is wired to rapid rate expansion.
  • Competitivity: Obtaining an edge with a defiant IT infrastructure is mission impossible in this expanding IT market. IT leaders are required to be more strategic.
  • Demanding customers: Gone is the era where businesses deliver to customers what they want. Instead, it’s the era of information democracy, rising IT literacy, and customers being aware and shamelessly demanding their needs.

What’s in the name of IT are Managed Services? 

In simple words, Managed Services refer to managing common IT functions by a third party entity called a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The MSP is proactive in dealing with the customer’s needs as the relationship between them is not vendor-customer but rather partner-to-partner. Instead of bearing the financial and timely costs of hiring, training, and retraining internal IT staff, MSPs offer reliable, customized SLAs in exchange for a monthly fee. The bottom line is businesses get to focus on their business and leave the IT headaches to the MSP.

Numbers speak for themselves.

  • Managed services will:
    • Reduce recurring in-house costs by 30%-40%
    • Increase efficiency by 50% to 60%
  • 80% of network outages are due to changes
  • 65% of IT budgets are spent just to keep the “lights on”

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“I’m hooked, are there some more advantages?” – YES, YES, YES!

Businesses’ gains inherent in outsourcing their IT are extensive. Here’s a nonexclusive list:

  • Proactive approach: Managed Services can foresee IT issues and address them before businesses face severe disruptions.
  • Higher Service Quality: IT proactivity paired with higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) elevates the overall service delivery and quality.
  • Automation: MSPs streamline daily aspects of support and administration via a fully automated process,  eliminating tedious, repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks.
  • Technology adaptability: An MSP eases businesses’ access to new technologies with reduced costs and implementation time.
  • On-call experts: Rather than the old break-and-fix model whereupon complex IT issues, individual experts are onboarded, IT decision-makers have full access to an experienced and dedicated team to their business. The MSP dynamic offers better visibility, insight, and predictability to the business.
  • Renewed focus: MSPs take on all IT aspects, giving ample margins to decision-makers to focus on their more strategic moves.

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