Global Telco Connecting Headquarters Worldwide for Global Business Expansion

Husna Bahrudin


Prior to engaging with IX Telecom, a globally renowned bank firm in Philippines operated their global offices relying on 30 different local network providers to run each of its network connectivity, resulting in the unnecessary hassle of numerous billings and contracts on various currencies, putting their global network consistency at stake above it all. This system of operating was terribly costly and complicated to manage.

Headquartering in 30 different countries worldwide, the needs of a prominent banking company to stay on course with its global needs were obvious: apart from a reliable network consistent across its offices, they needed a single point of contact to manage everything cross-continent.


Privatised and optimised, IX Telecom offered a comprehensive solution to the bank’s requirements and provided high speed Broadband connection for their 30 global offices in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and many more – all on a single billing, currency, and contract.

Presently, IX Telecom supports their corporate connectivity worldwide with a complete support suite available 24/7 to resolve any arising issues.


With streamlined global enterprise connectivity via a single point of contract, billings, and currency, IX Telecom’s global broadband solution has helped to optimize network, increase bandwidth, and reduce their operational costs. Implemented with future-proof high speed connectivity, the solution goes beyond hosting internet, but also provides a secure private network across all their offices. Simplifying the process and eliminating unnecessary hassle, the bank no longer relies on multiple providers at a time, as a result of IX Telecom’s one-stop-shop model and global reach.