Incumbent Telecom Operator in SEA: Boosting Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery

Husna Bahrudin


As a prominent local network provider in Malaysia, ensuring continuous nationwide connectivity is vital to our client’s business. Disruption of any kind is too much of a risk for a network provider on which millions of the country’s population rely. Hence, there was an urgency for our clients to be consistently reliable to their users even amidst outages.

What our client needed was clear: a redundant network, so that their servers can opt to backup links to maintain availability to them and their wide range of customers, and above all keep their business online. However, to build or expand complex redundant network infrastructures on their own can be too demanding and difficult for them to execute due to the lack of accommodating technology.


To overcome our client’s issue, we introduced a redundant network as a disaster recovery plan, thoroughly identifying the critical components of the network where any failure would risk outages.

By implementing exact duplicate systems in vital parts in their network, and making it completely identical by using the same model, running on the same software, and as much as possible - even having the same connections. The redundant network is also built comprehensively parallel to our client’s existing network, with a cross-over connection at each layer to ensure any one of the device’s complete failures will not disrupt the end-to-end path.


Following our solution, our client now has a fully operational and reliable backup for shifting all network communications onto the redundant network to avoid a single point of failure in case of any disruption occurring in their existing network. Our deployment and installation of a duplicate into their system to link onto any disturbance have assured stability, improved flexibility and scalability with fast failover for uninterrupted network service. Ultimately, our solution has allowed continuity for our client’s business amidst outages and enabled them to maintain their relationship with their end clients.