Low-cost Airline: Reliable and Cost-effective Network Operation Centre

Huda Bahrudin


At the early stages of their business as a low-cost airline company, our client was faced with a challenge to expand its business while keeping up the highest levels of service and reliability.

Our client was aware of the critical need to provide the best network support for the market with a growing customer base. However, it was a legitimate concern that operating and maintaining an in-house NOC can be rather demanding cost-wise. Generating one’s NOC to manage incidents and monitor the network would require an abundance of equipment and a skilled team, and our clients could not afford to be distracted with an unreliable network as they scale their business.


We approached our client’s concern by first scrutinising the opportunity to establish a front-office integration and create a single point of contact for all fixed and mobile network operational activities.

From initial setup to 24/7 support complete with post-event inspection and records, our comprehensive NOC suite enabled end-to-end views for each monitored service focused on every layer and the service experience on the customer’s end. Swift with SLA-specific responses complemented with advanced event detection systems, our NOC services kept the airline’s infrastructure operating smoothly without any interruption.


Aimed to increase uptime by 100% for our client’s technology environment, our client now has established their own virtual NOC operating 24/7. Following their NOC setup with IX Telecom, aside from enabling data mining for better decision making, the airline has also since been able to predict precise budgets throughout the year. Our client made efficient cost-saving with going for virtual NOC instead of forking out for a complete in-house IT infrastructure and management, as well as having better SLA outputs given the nature of their contract.

Keeping their focus on the core of their business instead of worrying about their infrastructure, our solution has allowed the growing low-cost airline to be more engaged and maintain their relationship with their customers.